It was an early Saturday morning during the Spring. Just the type of day I like to ride. Most people aren’t out and about yet so I get the roads to myself for the most part. At least so I thought. Nothing unusual about this particular morning. Crystal clear weather, about 65 degrees outside. Just perfect for a nice leisurely ride on the old cruiser. After about 45 minutes into the ride I was coming down a slight hill and noticed a black patch at…Continue Reading “What Happens When You Hit A Dead Raccoon On My Motorcycle”

As someone who was not long ago a brand new rider, these tips come from personal experience that is still fresh in my memory. 1) Find a motorcycle that YOU are comfortable riding There is a lot of varying opinion about what kind of motorcycle us best for beginners. Some people insist cruisers make a great started bike because of there linear power delivery and low ride height. Others believe a small sportbike is the way to go because they’re light and very forgiving in…Continue Reading “11 Vital Tips for Motorcycle Beginners”

“Holy shit, these are expensive.” Yep. They sure are. Everyone has the same thought when looking at jeans like this. But in actuality, there is a reason for the high price. Let’s be honest, buying a pair of jeans from Kohl’s as riding protection is like wrapping your member in shrink wrap to protect yourself from a venereal disease. They might keep you from getting scratched in a gentle fall, but sliding on asphalt at 45mph poses a completely different obstacle. But what am I…Continue Reading “5 Best Motorcycle Jeans To Protect You In A Crash”

This summer, I had my first motorcycle crash. Rather than chalk it up to experience, I decided to make it an opportunity to become a better rider. Here’s what I learned from my first motorcycle crash. It was a beautiful summer day. I was on my way up to Santa Barbara to meet a buddy of mine and see my favorite band. Since the weather was so great I decided exploring was on the menu. Before taking off I made sure my bike was in…Continue Reading “Injured, Alone, And One Messed Up Motorcycle”

In 1964, Cycle World Magazine did a piece of Steve McQueen and his custom modified Triumph Bonneville he used to race and win desert scramblers. These are the words of that article. Winning desert races is what this machine was set up for. It is the mount of actor Steve McQueen, who recently won the novice class in a one-hour desert scrambles. The victory only proved what a close look at his Triumph Bonneville suggests: McQueen takes his motorcycling seriously. It takes some modifications to…Continue Reading “Steve McQueen: A Triumph Beyond Ordinary”

Suddenly I found myself sitting on my ass in the middle of my garage. Not five minutes prior the gentleman whom I bought the bike from had just pulled out of my driveway after being good enough to deliver the thing to my house, I was sitting on the floor of my garage wondering just how the f*** I was going to get this vehicle back upright. Being a newbie to the world of motorcycling, I was not about to attempt driving the bike 20…Continue Reading “My First Motorcycle: Incredible and Terrifying”