5 Best Motorcycle Jeans To Protect You In A Crash

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“Holy shit, these are expensive.” Yep. They sure are. Everyone has the same thought when looking at jeans like this. But in actuality, there is a reason for the high price.

Let’s be honest, buying a pair of jeans from Kohl’s as riding protection is like wrapping your member in shrink wrap to protect yourself from a venereal disease. They might keep you from getting scratched in a gentle fall, but sliding on asphalt at 45mph poses a completely different obstacle.

But what am I supposed to wear when I take my motorcycle out somewhere? Chain-mail pants? Well, those would probably work. Some people prefer to wear nothing more than gym shorts. But even so, motorcycle jeans offer somewhat of a compromise to the whole dilemma.

If you are going to ride at high speeds, or do anything that might be fairly dangerous on a bike, you should get yourself a pair of CE-certified riding pants with knee, shin, and hip protection. Think of it in the same way that hockey players or football players need to wear protection to absorb hits from other players on a regular basis. Well it’s kind of like that except that one impact is worth a thousand hits from Scott Stevens at the blue line.

Unfortunately, there is no way around the price tag. Protective jeans are going to expensive. But, when you lay your bike down at speed, they will be well worth the money you save on hospital bills – which believe me, become ludicrously expensive very quickly.

So if you want to still remain in style for casual rides, check out these motorcycle jeans to help you out.

Juicy Trerdz Men’s Denim Motorcycle Motorbike Sports Jeans


Juice jeans


Newfacelook Men’s Motorcycle 14oz Jeans Reinforced With Protective


newface jeans



HB Jeans


tobacco jeans


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